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10 Important things You Can Do to Prepare for Online Classes

1. Make sure you know exactly what your course entails before it begins—the more prepared you are for what’s to come, the more likely you will be to produce your best work.

2. Never go in to a course without speaking to your tutor, looking up the subject online, and getting as much of the required reading material as possible.

3. Try speaking to former students, and picking their brains for any handy hints or tips that may come in useful during your own studies. Experience is often the best teacher, after all.

4. Make sure that you can get at least an hour of solid, uninterrupted study time in five days a week. It may help to prepare or find somewhere where you can sit in peace and be undisturbed – a library, your bedroom, even the garden shed are all ideal places for finding privacy.

5. Let your friends and family know that you will be unavailable during your study times, and that you will be unreachable. Ensure that your cell phone is switched off, and don’t go anywhere near instant messengers, emails or social networking sites during your allotted time.

6. Optimize your computer as much as possible—find out if the course needs any specific programs, clear your registry of junk and clutter using a registry editor, and turn off completely any programs that aren’t 100 percent necessary to your study.

7. Get in to a regular sleeping pattern before your course begins. The better-rested your brain is, the more it can process and retain information.

8. Make sure your computer peripherals are the best for your body—work out the best settings for your monitor, pick up an orthopedic mouse or keyboard if one is needed, and visit an optician for an eye test. All these things should be common practice for regular computer users, but should never be overlooked.

9. Promise yourself a reward after obtaining a certain goal, and make sure it means something. A treat for every five hours of study finished in a week is a good way to start. The reward doesn’t need to be anything physical, either. An hour’s soak in a hot tub or meditation can be as much of a reward as a nice meal at an expensive restaurant.

10. Lastly, make sure you enjoy yourself. Try not to view the course as a chore or a burden, and remember what you as a person stand to get back from all the hard work and effort you put in. Online study courses are about you and you alone.

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