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10 Ways to Get Help from Your Online Professors

Online education has its own distinct benefits, but there are things you need to do to capitalize on them. Since you won’t have the benefit of an in-class professor, you’ll need to make sure you know how to solicit help from your online instructors. Here are 10 ways to get help from your online professors that will help you blaze through your coursework.

1. You are in almost total command of your schedule with online schooling, but that doesn’t mean your professor is. Make sure you get their office hours and take note of the best times to visit them. They’ll be much more inclined to help this way.

2. You should naturally set a few general requirements for yourself regarding your online classes, such as logging on at least once a week. A professor will notice that you’re participating and be much more willing to offer you help. You will also keep yourself well informed of all the professor’s notes that they’ve posted for the class.

3. Of course, it’s a good idea to complete your work early so you can stay on top of your responsibilities. But completing assignments early will also prove to a professor that you’re serious about their coursework and they’ll see that you’re worthy of providing extra class insight that other students might not be privy to.

4. See out your class’ online forum and message board. These are great places to get help from your online professors as they typically post updates there.

5. Don’t be shy, just send them a quick e-mail with your questions and concerns and they’re sure to appreciate your interest.

6. Some people work better with a little face time. Ask your professor if they have a local office where you can meet to discuss your class needs.

7. If you’re having a difficult time getting a hold of your online professor, you can try contacting your academic advisor to see if they’ll help you schedule an online meeting.

8. Just because you’re taking a class online doesn’t mean you can’t use the good-ol’-fashioned telephone. Giving your professor a phone call is a great way to get some personal time in and receive efficient answers to your questions.

9. Some students require a little extra help throughout the school year. If you anticipate additional challenges, then try setting up regular appointments with your professor starting from day one.

10. Find out what activities and clubs your professor is involved with online. Discovering this information will provide you with additional opportunities to seek out their help.

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