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Common Requirements for Applying to Online Schools

So you're looking to get a leg up and pursue a higher education so you can land your dream job? That's absolutely fantastic! But before you go applying to every school that boasts amazing classes and cutting-edge teaching methods, you'll need to look into the individual stipulations for applying to those institutions. Requirements for online schools are the same as traditional schools in many ways. Requirements are almost always related to scholastic accomplishment and club involvement, but some may only require a high school diploma. Like a most traditional colleges, an online institution's application might ask what type of grades you earned in school, what your GPA was, and what your extracurricular activities were. As with the traditional model of school, an SAT, ACT, or SATII score may also be required (start looking into the dates that these types of tests are offered to make sure you maintain this option). Some may ask for an in-depth entrance essay, and others may have entrance exams that help with placing you in the correct classes to ensure you get the best education possible. You may have to provide letters of recommendation or be interviewed as well (ask your guidance counselor or favorite teacher for help with a mock interview).

Just as with traditional school, these applications are evaluated and entrance is given based on your overall achievement. Also like traditional schools, some may be more difficult to gain entrance to, and some may only need the requirements met and might be less interested in achievement. You can find out what the requirements are at the school's website or by talking with their admissions office. The difference in application requirements might help you decide between different schools, if perhaps you would prefer more demanding requirements, or if looser requirements might be beneficial. The different types of application processes can be more or less time consuming, so you may want to decide based on how long it will take to gain entrance if you would like to begin school sooner than later.

Some online schools are intended to help students finish high school if they have not, or are more trade-oriented and may not require previous experience. These will obviously have fewer entrance requirements, and you may only have to register and pay to begin.

If you are pursuing a higher degree like a Master’s or Doctorate degree, you will obviously have had to complete the degree that precedes it, either online or in a traditional school. Keep these common requirements for applying to online schools in mind and you'll do just fine.

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