Online Community Service Projects

Online Community Service Projects

Community service involves helping others, of course, but it's educational for the volunteer as well. Those embarking on such projects often learn lessons on management, the nonprofit sector, and the root causes of poverty, disease and other social ills. For that reason, many schools and college courses require volunteer service of their students. And nowadays, it’s possible to be a committed community volunteer without even leaving home. In fact, thousands of Internet volunteer positions are currently open. 

If you have a talent for web design, keep in mind that just about every not-for-profit organization in the world could benefit from a cutting-edge website, social media outlets, and a blog. Yet many such organizations don’t have the funding or the staff to create such properties. And so you’d be greatly helping out such a group by getting these things up and running for them. Or, if you have a way with words, you could volunteer to create promotional materials, do some grant writing, or compose informational pamphlets for a nonprofit – it’s a great way to practice and enhance your writing abilities, and maybe even shore up those research skills to boot. Bilingual volunteers, meanwhile, could lend a hand by translating an organization’s written materials into another language as needed. 

Marketing, business, and other students majoring in an economics-related field might volunteer to look over a community organization’s budget. If the group’s especially strapped for cash, then you might find and suggest ways the organization could save money without cutting back on services. In addition, budding accountants might also volunteer to prepare taxes for people who are struggling financially, people who work more than one full-time job and thus have little time to complete that task themselves. A financially-shrewd person might also want to launch an online fundraising drive for a charity, an especially good idea for people with many generous personal contacts to email.

Sometimes Internet community service involves direct communication with individuals who need help. For instance, you could sign up with an online tutoring service and answer questions that younger students have about their homework or their classroom material. A much more intense form of online volunteering is working with a service that counsels victims of violence, patients suffering from depression, or teenagers who feel they want to commit suicide. These kinds of programs obviously entail extensive training; they’re also critically important and often highly rewarding for the volunteer. 

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Nov 30, 1999