Online Courses for Youth Coaches

Online Courses for Youth Coaches

Youth coaches at any level can benefit from the wealth of online coaching courses available. Whether you want to brush up on basic skills, master new motivational techniques, or just get your coaching certification, you’ll find something of educational value on the Internet.

If you want to be a Pop Warner football coach, you need to be certified through the USA Football Coaching Clinic. Fortunately – and some people might be surprised by this – you can take the clinic entirely online nowadays. This Internet certification clinic includes animated pieces depicting tackling and other moves, as well as written information on topics like how to set up practices and how to work with coaching assistants. 

U.S. Youth Soccer, which has more participants than any other American athletic organization for children, has also developed in recent years a free-of-charge online instructional resource for coaches. It features a series of courses on everything from how to coach children under six to how to recognize and avoid player concussions. As with Pop Warner’s online clinics, these courses utilize both text and video, and the material can be completed at whatever pace coaches deem appropriate for themselves. 

Anyone interested in coaching at the high school level would do well to check out Fundamentals of Coaching, a series of courses offered by the NFHS, or the National Federation of State High School Associations. Fundamentals of Coaching will inform you what your home state requires of its coaches, so you can be sure you have all the training and certification you need before you apply for a position. And once you begin taking the NFHS’s online courses, you have a year’s period of time in which to read through all the information that the organization provides. 

Plenty of other groups have developed distance-learning classes for youth coaches as well. Many of these classes are ideal for experienced coaches who want to delve into a specific element of coaching they feel they need to work on: sports psychology, showing kids how to apply sports lessons to everyday life, nurturing the trust of parents. Before signing up for any such course, however – whether it’s free or it requires a fee – you might look to see if it has the approval of experts in the field. For example, the six e-courses offered by the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) are endorsed by, and showcase, such world-famous coaches as Phil Jackson and Julie Foudy.      

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Nov 30, 1999