Online Learning When You’re Away from Home

Online Learning When You’re Away from Home

Ideally, your online learning would take place in a quiet room, someplace you can concentrate fully. But given that many distance learners work part-time or full-time, raise children and run all kinds of errands each day, online learning naturally occurs in many different locales: restaurants, train stations, doctors’ waiting rooms, supermarket checkout lines, and so on. Below are some tips to aid distance learning on the road and on the go.

First, it’s a good idea to start slowly when it comes to away-from-home distance learning. Give yourself a short assignment to complete, and calculate how much longer (if at all longer) it takes you to do it out of the house. In other words, don’t try to write a huge paper at your kids’ soccer practices until you’re experienced at writing in public. Test out different environments and situations, too. Maybe you’ll find you can absorb more of an online lecture when you’re walking around. Maybe eating helps you write, or maybe you work better when music’s playing. As you get more accustomed to public learning, you’ll get better at focusing, better at blocking out the noise and the other people. You’ll also come to know which public places are most helpful to your brain.

You’ll also want, as much as possible, to go to places with high-speed Internet connections. If you like reading online texts at coffee shops, for example, find out which coffee shop near your home has the most reliable Wi-Fi, and make that the establishment you frequent. 

Also, make sure you always tuck your mobile devices away somewhere safe whenever you leave home. Keep them in waterproof containers, close to your person at all times. And back up any and all work you do on the road in case you do lose your laptop, phone or tablet. An easy way to back up class materials is to periodically email any documents you’ve completed to your own email account. That way, even if you have to replace your laptop, all your work will still be accessible. Your online school may offer you a storage system as well, which would make saving work even easier.

One last tip: when it comes to listening to lectures and audio presentations, many students find that the simplest thing to do is to put those audio clips onto their iPods or other mobile listening devices.

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Apr 27, 2012