Online Learning When You’re on Vacation

Online Learning When You’re on Vacation

A great advantage of online learning is you can go on vacation in the middle of a semester, which means off-season travel prices, light crowds and best of all, no spring breakers! The trade-off is you have to work each day you’re away.

Try doing as much extra work as you can before you leave home. Just don’t pack in too much work before you depart; you don’t want your grades to suffer because you take on too much work all at once.

The technology you’ll use on vacation is of the utmost importance. Only book hotels with reliable WiFi connections (which means you have to do a little research before you make your bookings). If you have the time, you might scan your reading material before you leave so you’ll have it all conveniently in your laptop. Remember to bring your laptop charger on your trip, too. And while you’re on your trip, try listening to lectures on an iPod and reading textbooks on an e-reader, as these devices are light and portable.

Carefully figure out your itinerary ahead of time you have ample time to study each day. This doesn’t mean you have to plan every minute, but you should have a basic idea of when you’ll be working. You know how long it takes you to complete your assignments, so be sure to leave enough time.

Including work times in your schedule is, of course, much easier than actually doing that work. When you’re traveling, it can be very difficult to pull yourself away from your group and sit off by yourself to focus on your academics. But you must be disciplined in this regard, lest you fall behind in your studies and face a tough situation when you return home. Remember: you’re paying for those courses, and they will benefit you greatly, so if that means one less dip in the pool each day, or if it means missing the Thursday night luau, so be it. Your family or friends will no doubt take plenty of videos for you.

Finally, if at all possible, try connecting your travels to your studies. For instance, if you’re studying the Renaissance in a world history course, a trip to Italy could provide great material for a paper. Or your astronomy studies might benefit from a visit to the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles. And so on.

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Apr 27, 2012