Online Learning for Child Actors

Online Learning for Child Actors

The job of the average child is to go to school, do their school work, and get their chores done. Other than that, they hold the role of someone who can spend their free time playing sports, hanging out with friends. But there are some kids who are quite exceptional and hold actual jobs while still attending public school. A great example of this child would be a child actor. These kids work along side grown ups while creating a medium for millions of people to enjoy. After a long day on set, they have to attend school and finish their school work while the grown ups go home and relax with their families.  The more work the student actor experiences, the more difficult it is for him or her to attend a regular school.  Online learning is becoming more and more accepted when used in conjunction with a public school setting.

The use of text books is becoming an unnecessary and slightly archaic practice. Online text books and programs are the learning of the future. A public school has the ability to provide a great education with the freedom that is needed to travel or hold a full time job. The teachers still participate in the learning process by monitoring the assignments and conducting meetings every week or month, depending upon the need for involvement.

Classes such as Chemistry or Biology that require some hands on lab work can be studied online with an occasional physical lab requirement. The readings and speculations can be performed online and the actual experiments can be done in a lab environment. Even without a lab environment, virtual experiments can be performed. There are online programs to help facilitate the same learning experience for dissecting a fetal pig that are being offered for children who fundamentally disagree with the practice of harming an animal. Many other options can be found for other such experiments that teach the process and reasoning of science without an actual lab.

Mathematics can easily be taught online. Instructional videos are shown to help explain theories and examples of how to solve a problem. The rest of the work is done in a work book and the answers are plugged into the computer.

With the ability to record sound and voice, even foreign language classes can be taught virtually. The use of translation programs can assist when the student is faced with a question that needs to be answered immediately in order to complete an assignment.

No matter what the educational level, online classes are a great option for children who need the freedom to work during regular school hours. These courses follow the curriculum of the public school system and some considered them to be the future of all education.

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Nov 30, 1999