Online Lessons in Dog Training

Online Lessons in Dog Training

If you're considering bringing a dog into your home, you may be happy to realize that, if you have the time and patience, you can train that animal yourself, even if you've never trained a pet before. Moreover, you can accomplish this training fairly easily with information you get from a reputable online class.

Online dog training programs provide a series of instructions to pet owners in the form of text, audio, video, or a combination of all three media. These lessons will teach you a whole variety of commands, as well as proper positive reinforcement techniques, including verbal praise and doggie treats. Then you can take this knowledge and begin some brief training sessions with your dog – training sessions lasting perhaps ten or fifteen minutes each when you're just starting out.

The main benefit of a formal Internet dog training program is that you'll learn the correct sequencing for teaching your dog new tricks. That is, you can take what your dog has learned in one session and carefully build on those skills in the next session. Were you to attempt teaching your dog too much at any one time, on the other hand, your sessions would no doubt be unproductive, and possibly frustrating, for both dog and master. What's more, a training course which includes lessons in first aid for dogs, as well as information on hygiene and basic grooming techniques, can be especially valuable.

It's wise to start taking dog training courses before purchasing your pooch. That way, you'll have the knowledge base to begin training as soon as your dog enters your home. Thus, there's no time for your dog to start acquiring bad habits, habits which can be very difficult to break. (And remember that, contrary to a popular myth, you can begin training a dog at any age; you don't have to wait until he/she's a few months old.)

You'll want to look for an Internet dog training program that's been developed by animal experts. So it's important to review a distance-learning instructor's credentials and resume of experience in the field before becoming a student of that person. Also, don't get involved with any dog training program, on the Internet or otherwise, which instructs people to inflict some kind of pain on dogs in order to make them more obedient. If your dog training teacher tells you to choke your pet, for example, find a new teacher immediately.