Online Marketing Classes for Small Business Owners

Online Marketing Classes for Small Business Owners

If you’ve decided to start your own business, you might be anxious about marketing. Many entrepreneurs, especially when they’re just starting out, are excited about their products and much less excited about having to advertise them. Luckily, many affordable Internet courses are available to teach you all about the most effective and most up-to-date marketing strategies. 

Any decent Internet marketing course will cover several topics. It will show you how to network with potential customers and investors (and, in particular, how to impress those would-be investors). It will demonstrate how to assemble a specific, step-by-step plan of action, so at all times you’ll be able to chart your progress, and so you’ll always know what you should be doing next. The course should go into detail as to how to advertise through traditional means – newspaper, radio and TV ads, neighborhood signs, and whatever else might be appropriate. It should also, of course, delve into the latest in Internet and social media marketing strategies. And since the best online advertising techniques change almost constantly, it may be helpful to take a refresher marketing course every now and then.  

You have a variety of options for an e-course in marketing. You might choose to take a course from a traditional, accredited college or university, or from a private company. Many private e-classes in marketing are taught around the clock, making them a good option for entrepreneurs with tight schedules. If you want to save some money and get the information you’re seeking immediately, you could take a marketing webinar. All kinds of people are developing marketing webinars these days, including former CEO’s and former NFL stars. Read plenty of reviews of webinars beforehand, so you can be confident that the one you choose will be taught by someone with excellent teaching skills and a proven track record of business results. 

Currently, a popular e-course is “Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring.” This class is offered through a partnership between, a distance-learning website, and a number of colleges and universities, including Mississippi College and Alvin Community College in Texas. The course explains to its students how to decide who their ideal customers are, and how to put together a marketing plan that reaches those specific customers. The techniques involved include such high-tech, low-cost means as email and social media marketing, as well as SEO. (‘SEO’ stands for search engine optimization, which means optimizing your website for Internet search engines.)

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Nov 30, 1999