Online Memoir-Writing Courses

Online Memoir-Writing Courses

If you’ve had extraordinary experiences and want to try and sell a memoir, or if you simply wish to compile an account of your life for your family, you might consider taking an online memoir-writing class. Such courses can really help you hone your writing style and become a sharper storyteller.

When it comes to memoir classes, some distance-learning students prefer working with a teacher one on one, as they might feel uncomfortable sharing intimate, sometimes heartbreaking, episodes with a group of strangers. If you do choose to work individually with a nonfiction writing teacher, try to find one who guarantees confidentiality. On the other hand, some budding memoirists would rather learn in a group. Group chats via the Internet often yield greater insights because people who come from a variety of backgrounds share their critiques with you. Plus, if you’re writing about painful events, you might find some measure of solace in encountering others who’ve endured similarly difficult times. Additionally, group writing classes are often more affordable than individual instruction, and easier to find as well.   

A high-quality online memoir-writing class will ask you to submit, via email or some other form of online communication, a few autobiographical episodes, perhaps more than a few. If it’s a group course, you’ll also be required to read and provide feedback on other students’ writing. And you’ll probably read famous, beloved examples of the genre; perhaps you’ll even need to purchase an electronic textbook which features such examples. In the process, you’ll hopefully grow as an artist. You should feel more comfortable describing the people and the places you’ve known, reconstructing dialogue from the past, finding the words and phrases to express exactly what you want to express, and setting the right mood and tone for your scenes. Your writing teacher, and your colleagues, will also guide you in the process of finding an overarching theme, or a few different themes, for your memoir as a whole – a kind of message and moral that your readers can take away with them.

You might be surprised at how emotionally intense, even wrenching, the processes of sharing your personal stories and reading others’ stories can be. You might never meet your fellow online memoir-writing students in person, but when the course ends you might feel as though you know them better than many of the people you’ve met in real life. 

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Nov 30, 1999