Respect for Online Learning Degrees Grows with Expanding Resources

Respect for Online Learning Degrees Grows with Expanding Resources

The Internet provides students with new ways to learn. Aside from the standard lecture format, students are enriched through audiovisual presentations, interactive media assignments and dynamic presentations that enhance the learning process and help the material to stick in their minds. Studies by the Department of Education conclude that students actually learn better in online classes than in traditional face-to-face settings.

Some people simply cannot learn well in a lecture type environment. This does not mean that they are unable to learn, it simply means that they need to be taught in a different way. Online learning environments open entirely new ways for students to learn, taking advantage of new and alternative methods of teaching. Video instruction, written materials, audiovisual texts and interactive learning are all combined so that students who have difficulty learning by one method have options for learning in other ways.

And these online learning methods are finally getting the widespread recognition they deserve. Online certificates and degrees have gained a lot of respect with today's employers. In fact, the CIA estimates that 12 percent of their newly hired employees earned their college degree online.

The most important task online-students face is convincing their potential employers of the legitimacy of their degree. The first step is to choose an accredited program. Not all online degree programs are created equally, and diploma mills still exist, which could jeopardize a student’s legitimate intentions. Students should evaluate the programs they are considering before enrolling, making sure that they are accredited. The United States Department of Education hosts the database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, and a quick search can reveal if a program has the necessary credentials to be worth a student’s time. Since it is virtually impossible for distance learning students to visit campus, it is imperative that they fully research their potential program to safeguard their integrity.

Like with many things, perceptions are not as important as actually being able to claim a degree. While many professors like to tell their students that a Bachelor’s degree will automatically secure a position in the corporate world, a degree itself is not a guarantee. Claiming an online degree may set an applicant apart from the competition in a job search, showcasing his or her ability to multitask, accomplishing a degree while holding down a full-time job. Hiring self-motivated employees becomes imperative, especially during economically difficult times. As online degree programs become more legitimate and continue to produce excellent members of the workforce, students seeking a college education will have less difficulty selling their degree. With time, online education will be as trusted, if not more desired, than a traditional degree.

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