School Plays and the Internet

School Plays and the Internet


The day may come when entire school plays are livestreamed so people can simply watch them at home. Until then, however, there are still plenty of ways the web is changing the world of student drama. 

For one thing, students can use the Internet to prepare for auditions. They might download scripts and study their lines well in advance. They might watch viral videos of other actors performing their desired roles to get a sense of how it’s been done before. And if the school play’s a well-known musical, they can listen to songs from that show and, once familiarized with those tunes, practice by singing along.

Drama teachers can also find a wealth of resources on the web. Teachers can print scripts from the public domain – which means the school saves money by not paying royalties! If a teacher knows she wants to stage a certain type of show – say, a comedy set in the Wild West – she can simply search script databases for terms like “Western” and “comedy.” Among the many valuable sites for finding, previewing and ordering scripts are Pioneer Drama at, a website that specializes in middle school performances; Lazy Bee Scripts at, a site perfect for younger children; and Brooklyn Publishers at

Administrators can utilize ticket-selling services on the Internet, too. For example, if a school signs up with, anyone who wants to attend a performance can simply go to the website, reserve a seat, print out tickets, and enter credit card info to pay. In the process, the school retains a database of everyone who bought a ticket. Therefore, if a performance is cancelled due to inclement weather, the school can simply email everyone the date of the postponed show. Administrators may also email everyone on the list the following year when it’s again time to sell tickets to the school play. In addition, with such a service the school saves money by not printing large batches of tickets. 

Finally, parents can post viral videos of their children’s performances. If a video clip of a play features other children prominently, however, it might be a good idea to call the parents of those children just to ensure those parents aren’t upset by the idea of having videos of their children posted on the Internet. Most parents won’t object in the slightest, of course, but it’s always better to be safe. 

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Nov 30, 1999