Top 5 Online Learning Tools to Make More Money

Top 5 Online Learning Tools to Make More Money

A goal of the majority of employees across the globe is to make more money which in turn affords a better lifestyle. By utilizing online tools, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance in your current or future career to increase your income potential. The top five online learning tools feature programs from reputable companies and many can be accessed for free.

The first online learning tool is a program from Microsoft called Elevate America. The mission of Elevate America is to provide not only training in technology skills, but resources to find employment as well. Everyone from absolute beginners to more advanced users can benefit from this program. This tool is offered in over thirty languages and can be accessed by anyone. Many of the online resources are free while other training assets can be purchased for low-cost rates to aid in the development of better technology skills.

There are literally hundreds of free and beneficial online learning tools that can be found at Leadership, communication, learning and career skills are all useful to those looking to improve these aspects of their profession. Other learning tools include team management, strategy, problem solving and decision making. Project, time and stress management are all incredibly important facets that can also be improved upon by using this service. Creativity techniques are also available to those looking to enhance this facet of their career. There is a premier members only area that can be accessed through a purchased subscription, but it is not necessary to view a large majority of the content on the website.

For those seeking to improve their administration skills, there is a website called that offers several tools to help with a typist’s words per minute (WPM). For many office jobs, a minimum WPM is required to even be considered as a serious candidate. Through you can utilize their free downloadable typing tutor, play online games, learn touch typing techniques and even test yourself to learn your WPM and CPM (characters per minute). Regardless of what area of study you plan on pursuing, improving your typing skills is guaranteed to help you complete your assignments in less time as well as improve your note-taking abilities if you use a notebook in class.

Another site known as is also beneficial to the administration field. There are free and paid services through this website that includes over ten thousand courses including project management and QuickBooks. You also have the option of having your own online mentor and a personalized learning profile. Access to software for test preparation and reference articles are also available online.

Finally, is a wonderful online tool that offers free tutorials concerned with website development. Programming that includes HTML 4.0, JavaScript and CSS3 among others is all covered through You can study for free at your own pace and then test yourself with online quizzes. If and when you feel comfortable enough with the information you have learned, you have the option of paying to become certified in the particular programming you have studied. Each certification has an exam fee of ninety five dollars and if you fail or wish to improve your score you have the option of taking the test once more.

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