Vocational Online Learning

Vocational Online Learning

Vocational education, or education that involves teaching skills for specific careers, is incorporating and adapting to the world of online learning just as other kinds of education are. Some people think of “online vocational education” as a contradiction in terms, however. They might ask: doesn’t vocational training always require hands-on activities and personal interaction? Indeed, many job skills can only be learned in person. You can’t become, say, a dental hygienist simply by working on virtual teeth. And many employee unions still require a certain number of real-world training hours. Nevertheless, many vocational students are finding all sorts of ways web-based learning can help them reach their career goals.

Vocational online learning can teach you the kinds of skills and information you might otherwise need to learn from books and lectures. For example, if you want to manage a construction site, you have to learn accounting principles, or if you are to become a professional within the fitness industry, you’ll need a solid foundation in human anatomy. Accounting and anatomy are examples of subjects you can study through online materials: e-textbooks, videos, images, live-chat tutoring sessions and so on. And once you’ve mastered this material at home, you can then sign up for an apprenticeship or for courses in which you’ll work with real equipment and live human beings, and gain the necessary experience for your certification.

The three professions mentioned above – fitness professional, construction site manager and dental assistant – are three of the most popular vocations that use online learning. A list of other popular careers employing distance learning would include physical therapists, mechanics, real estate agents and event planners. Of course, there are many more terrific careers that likewise use online learning – hundreds of them, in fact. 

When you’re searching for a vocational school online, it’s important that you check out the school’s accreditation status. Unless the school you attend is accredited by a reputable body, you’ll be at a major disadvantage when applying for certification or for a job. The good news is that there are many online vocational schools across the country that are not only accredited, but also affordable.

And if you enroll in a traditional vocational school, chances are good that the school you choose will incorporate at least some e-learning in its classes, so being up to date with computer technology, and having a reliable computer at home, are musts.

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Apr 27, 2012