What Can I Do With an Art and Design Education?

What Can I Do With an Art and Design Education?

Does the thought of attending lectures and writing term papers bore you to tears? Do you enjoy the creative process? You could actually choose an education that will lead you down a career path that pays you to get your hands dirty and express yourself. Yes, we’re talking about art and design.

Perhaps you’ve considered an art and design career but your friends and family have looked at you askance. After all, nobody makes money as an artist, right? Wrong! In today’s technology-driven world, opportunities abound for those who can combine right-brain creativity with left-brain analytical skills.

Design has become a ubiquitous part of our consumer culture—from the everyday objects we own and the accessories we express ourselves with, to the packaging these objects come in. While computers are amazing tools, artists and designers still provide the elemental ideas behind computer-generated images. So what kinds of businesses need artists and designers, and what kinds of careers can you pursue with an art and design education?

Opportunities exist in virtually every type of corporation, large or small, or you can work as a freelance artist from the comfort of your own home studio. Advertising agencies, publishers, magazines, apparel manufacturers, interior design firms, computer game manufacturers, industrial designers—they all need artists. You could find yourself drawing cartoons, sketching suspects at a police station, drawing courtroom scenes, creating graphics for websites, painting murals, designing greeting cards, designing logos for t-shirts; the list goes on. If you are good with children you could combine your studio skills with a teaching credential.

There are various programs available to those seeking an education in art and design. Most programs start off with an overview of the traditional techniques of drawing and painting, as well as covering new innovations in the field, such as computer-aided design. This basic education in the fundamentals of art and design could be accomplished through a community college program, a four-year college or university, or an art institute. As you progress in your education you may choose to focus on a medium or aspect of art and design that particularly interests you and suits your skills.

Some people have a deep-seated need to nurture their inherent creativity. If that description fits you, why not honor this part of your personality by choosing an art and design education? You will probably become the envy of your friends. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to spend their college days smearing paint and squishing clay.  While some people will always be driven to create art for art’s sake, whether they can make a living doing it or not, you may soon find that with an art and design education you can open the doors to some amazing career opportunities and prove to friends and family that not all artists have to starve.

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