Now What Am I Supposed to Do? Your Next Steps after Online Degree Completion

Now What Am I Supposed to Do? Your Next Steps after Online Degree Completion

So you got a degree, great! Now what? A not uncommon issue for recent online college graduates is not necessarily finding a job, but finding out which job they’d like to pursue. It’s commonly accepted that in order to get by in today’s society and economy you need to have some degree of higher education. (According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people with a Bachelor's degree earned, on average, over $23,000/year more than those with just a high school diploma.) But that higher education doesn’t always lead to a focused approach towards one’s career and can sometimes lead to the uncomfortable situation of simply owning a piece of paper worth upwards of $50,000.

A full four-year college degree simply isn’t for everyone. And a big factor in that is some people just don’t have the time for four years of classes. Career training courses provide sustainable education in a fraction of the time, so you can spend less time in the classroom or online, and more time making a direct investment in yourself and your future—it’s like growth hormones for your brain! And these types of career training programs are even more accessible thanks to their incorporation into the world of online learning and distance education.

A fraction of the time necessary to complete your education also usually means a fraction of the cost. Career training courses can be an extremely cost-effective approach to pursuing additional education. Plus, these courses not only save you money, but they can help you make more money. Specific education and training makes you much more marketable and appealing to potential employers. They’re not just looking at resumes for your education background, but if you can actually apply what you’ve learned. Career training courses clearly demonstrate that you have highly targeted and applicable experience and that you’ve executed it under careful tutelage. Prove to your prospective employers that you’re not living in an ivory tower. We’re not suggesting career training courses will make you an Eagle Scout, but an added benefit is that they help teach life skills as well, extending their potency well beyond the walls of the classroom.      

Career training courses often feature personalized programs and great flexibility in their course material, so you get a tailor-made curriculum that will help take you to the top. Likewise, these courses can also act as a laser pointer for you, helping you pinpoint exact fields you wish to gain more education in. You may then actually choose to pursue a four-year education with an immensely improved focus and clarity, making use of every dollar that goes towards your degree. Search through the list of degree programs or the directory of online training programs to get a head start.

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