Pittsburgh Technical Institute Online

Pittsburgh Technical Institute Online

Pittsburgh Technical Institute Online

Pittsburgh Technical Institute is a well known college located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even though the college is most known for being a two-year career college, to allow more students the ability to study when most suitable for them, the university has decided to implement an online learning center. This means that students can earn a career-based degree without ever going to the Pittsburgh Technical Institute campus. Online learning is most suitable for those students who have a job or other obligations that don't allow for them to spend time on-campus for the majority of the day. It is also fitting for those students that are able to succeed in independent studying and learning.

At Pittsburgh Technical Institute students have the option between three different online degree programs. Each of these programs is specific and career-based. While some colleges are known to offer more lax degree, Pittsburgh Technical Institute focuses on degrees that students can earn that will act as a stepping stone into that student's career.

Below are the three online degree programs that Pittsburgh Technical Institute offers. In the future the school may opt to add more programs:

Online Criminal Justice - Safety and Security Administration

Students who are looking to get into the criminal justice field should definitely consider Pittsburgh Technical Institute's online criminal justice program. The program allows students to learn about various topics such as threats and security measures. The degree can be completed in 21-24 months. This degree allows students to attend class at any time during the day, not just when the teacher is online.

Online Business Administration - Management

This program allows students to earn a degree in business administration with a focus towards management. This degree is perfect for students looking to spend time in the human resources development field.

Online Medical Coding

Online students can earn a medical coding degree in just 12 months! Medical coding certifications are best for those people looking for a career at a hospital, doctors' office, nursing homes, pharmacies, insurance companies, and many other locations. The certificate is also a great way to enhance your resume as well as to add to the coding skills and certifications you may already have.

Pittsburgh Technical Institute is a great college to consider if you are looking to earn an online degree or an online certificate. The college even accepts students with GEDs so you don't have to worry about acceptance if you did not complete high school.