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Regent University Online

Regent University Online

Regent University has definitely made its name known when it comes to online schooling. In 2009 the school was ranked second out of 44 schools in the OEDb's Online College Rankings. With this said, college students looking to earn a degree online can definitely rest assured that Regent University is not only accredited but is a college that puts a large amount of effort and focus into providing students with the best online learning experience possible.

Even though Regent University also runs a normal on-campus college, the school knows just how popular online learning has become. Students who want to earn a degree online through Regent University have various options to select from. The great thing is that Regent University offers seven main schools. When students have a general idea of the type of degree they are looking to earn they can then consider the more specific programs that are offered under these schools.

For example, a lot of college students nowadays are looking for degrees that deal with the arts and communication. Under Regent University's School of Communication & the Arts, students can earn a degree in digital marketing, journalism, communication, cinema arts, and plenty of others.

While Regent University provides degree programs where students can earn masters and Ph.Ds, the school also focuses on less experience college students who are simply looking for an associates or bachelors degree. Because of this the school has an entire program devoted to these two types of degrees. Under the School of Undergraduate Studies, students can earn an A.A. in History or an A.A. in Psychology along with an A.A. in Christian Studies or a B.A. in Communication. The options are almost endless!

Online learning doesn't have to be expensive either. Regent University allows students of all types, including online students, to apply for and be chosen for financial aid. This means you can still work part time or even full time and not have to over-worry about money.

Online schooling has proven to be extremely beneficial for at home moms, busy professionals, those in the military, and those people who do not stay in one place very often. However, online learning is not for everyone. To ensure that students are aware of what online schooling is like and if they are fitted for this type of education, Regent University offers a quiz for prospective students to take that will help them decide if online learning is the best possible option.