Rochester Institute of Technology Online

Rochester Institute of Technology Online

Rochester Institute of Technology Online

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has become a well known technology based college that offers both online and brick and mortar classroom instruction, a college lifestyle that is widely sought after. For 20 years and counting this institute has been ranked as one of the top two colleges in the North for its outstanding academic programs.

The college is well known for its technology based majors including computing and information sciences, bioinformatics, computing security and information assurance, and human-computer interaction. Aside from these majors, RIT is also open to those interested in the fine arts, sciences, philosophy, business, and other common majors found at most colleges.

A new program that RIT offers is the University Studies Program (USP) which was created for prospective students who are unsure of what major they want to study or for those students who can't decide on just one major. It is also suitable for those students who are re-thinking and considering switching to a new major. The program provides sound advice to those in such situations.

For students looking to study abroad, RIT offers several different international programs for an exciting college experience. One is CIEE which allows students to study cultural and international business at various locations including Mumbai, India, Dakar, Senegal, and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. One of the newest international locations that RIT offers is education in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Outside of these locations, RIT also allows students to study in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Tokyo, Japan, Warsaw, Poland and plenty of others.

RIT focuses on allowing each and every student to have their place in the workforce. The college is well aware of the everyday advances in technology and therefore offers majors and classes in such subjects. RIT knows that technology is the way of the world and gives students the chance to become part of the revolution.

This college offers cooperative education (co-op) programs that allow students to work in a full-time paid position directly related to his/her major. In fact, RIT has given students the chance to work with over 1,900 businesses, some of them Fortune 500 companies.

Specialized studies within broad majors are also an advantage to studying at RIT. These special studies shape students for a set career path. For example, at RIT one can choose to pursue a degree as a Master of Fine Arts, students have the option to specialize in fields such as computer design graphics, ceramics, and even medical illustration.