Southeastern University Online

Southeastern University Online

Southeastern University Online

Southeastern University is a dynamic Christian university located in Lakeland, Florida. This university has a lot to offer their students. You can see this whenever you take a look at some of the notable alumni, such as Manwell Reyes and Devaris Gordon, who have attended this university.

At this university you can receive a Bachelor's degree in:

• Behavioral and social science

• Communications

• English

• Foreign language

• Music

• Science

• Math

• Business

• Legal studies

• History

• Education

• Christian ministry

However, you will receive a good “liberal arts” education regardless of what you choose to major in. You can then go on to receive a graduate degree in:

• Business administration

• Ministerial leadership

• Education (elementary education, educational leadership or teaching and learning)

• Counseling

• School counseling

• Human services

Other programs, such as Army ROTC and teacher certification are also available.

Southeastern University isn't a big research university where you'll get lost in the shuffle. Instead, this is a caring Christian university wherein your faith and higher learning are integrated to provide you with a well-rounded learning experience. This is because all of these subjects are studied in accordance to what the Bible has to say about them.

Those who cannot attend the campus in person can greatly benefit from this university's online program, which has been designed to help you grow both academically and professionally. Each online class lasts for 8 weeks and you will be able to learn at the times that are the most convenient for you, regardless as to whether you are going for your bachelor's or master's degree. These degrees are available in all of the same categories as the on-campus program offers. Another one of the great advantages to taking online classes is that you will be able to participate in class discussions via electronic discussion boards. Herein you will be able to enrich your education by hearing what your classmates in other parts of the country or world have to say. Plus you will also get personalized attention from your professors via email or telephone calls.

Clearly, the education that you will receive from Southeastern University will be a great one. Unlike with other schools that provide all of their students with the same education, regardless of who they are or what they need, here your education will be tailored to you and your personal needs. This will definitely be of great help to you in your future endeavors.