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Stevenson University Online

Stevenson University (previously known as Villa Julie College until 2008) is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college that is located near Baltimore, Maryland. This university actually has 2 campuses - 1 in Stevenson and 1 in Owings Mills. Together these 2 campuses play host to 3,400 undergraduate and graduate students. As such, Stevenson University is the third-largest private university in Maryland today.

The Owings Mills campus is the bigger of the 2 campuses. There were 1,300 students living there and this number grew when the campus expanded (a student union and dining hall were added) in 2006. Then in 2010 it expanded again as a gymnasium and football team were added. Further plans for growth are still in the works today.

There are undergraduate, adult accelerated undergraduate and graduate degrees available for you to choose from. These degrees are in:

• Business

• Design

• Education

• Humanities

• Social science

• Science

You can also earn your Master's degree in professional studies from Stevenson University. This is a recognized, interdisciplinary degree that usually concentrates upon a specific field of study. In this degree learning, in direct regard to the professional employment you are seeking, is emphasized.

Regardless of what program you decide to earn your degree in, you will be learning in a distinctive, career-focused, personalized environment. Your courses will challenge you while also inviting you to investigate the world that lies beyond the classroom. As such your mind will be broadened and you will be given the tools that you need in order to be successful in the ever-changing world that we live in today.

Some of the activities that are available to you on campus include:

• A wellness center that offers primary care and counseling services.

• Athletic facilities in the Caves Sports And Wellness Center, which is the former training facility of the Baltimore Ravens.

• 30+ student-ran clubs and organizations

• Annual activities, including MustangFest, Mr/Ms SU Pageant, and the Alumni Bull and Oyster Roast (with an auction)

• Student employment

• Academic support services

• Security, which offers a shuttle, traffic and parking enforcement, safe escort services and emergency phones on the campus

Anyone who is interested in receiving an education in a distinctive environment that is both career-focused and personalized should check this university out. You will definitely have your horizons broadened while learning what you need in order to have a successful career.