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Thomas University Online

Thomas University Online

Thomas University is famous for its professional career development. In addition to its arts and sciences programs, Thomas University offers strong undergraduate and graduate programs in business, criminal justice, education, and health and human services. With growing demands in the social science and service industries, Thomas University is a great choice for traditional and non-traditional students alike.

The atmosphere around Thomas University is warm and inviting, and students of all ages or stages of their academic careers are welcome to explore exactly what Thomas University can offer.

With the accessible education that Thomas University specializes in, the school is able to cater to all types of students. Adult students can attend classes through one of the University's satellite programs, or if they prefer, they can pursue their educational goals through online learning. Thomas University knows how to work with and around demanding schedules.

The reason Thomas University has such a unique approach to relating with students is because of its small community-based roots, and its diverse population. Located in Georgia, Thomas University is no stranger to southern hospitality and charm. The student body includes local professionals returning to college to further their careers, and they often bring real world applications to the academic exchange.

While largely a commuter campus, Thomas University is heavily involved in its community. Another reason that has made Thomas University a popular choice is because its campus activities spill over into the realm of its online learning opportunities that it provides. Even though online students are physically removed from the actual campus, they are still given plenty of opportunities to take part in a wide variety of virtual activities that keep them very well connected.

Regional, national, and international students all attend Thomas University, and all of them understand the importance of becoming life-long learners, and leaving their own imprint on the campus.

The faculty to student ratio is 10:1, and the learning process is highly interactive. It is not uncommon to hear about students working directly with their professors, and staying in contact with them after graduation for networking opportunities. That is not to say that it is a cake-walk, as students are challenged by faculty, as it is a rigorous, intellectual pursuit.

There is a rich variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that Thomas University offers. Minors, certificate programs, and other programs are a combination or hybrid of online and face-to-face learning. And through the RN-BSN program, there are three regional hospital satellite campuses to further convey the idea that education should be practical and applied to the real world.