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University of Cincinnati Online

University of Cincinnati Online

If you have talent and self-belief, then the University of Cincinnati is definitely the place to consider applying! Here, you are offered a huge choice from hundreds of academic programs, strongly supported by personal attention from highly experienced faculty members. In addition, there is a “top five” co-operative program that will give you the opportunity to view how ideas and skills, learned in classrooms, are applied and implemented in practice.

This internationally recognized university was established in 1870, but can trace its origins back to early nineteenth century. In the year 1906, the first Cooperative Education Program in the United States was created by one of the University's colleges, namely the College of Engineering.

University of Cincinnati has received recognition as an RSU (Research Extensive University) by the Carnegie Commission and currently ranks among the top 25 public research universities in the United States. Students are offered a balance of excellent educational programs and “real world” experience. Each year, the Cincinnati University graduates 5,000 students, who join the present number of about 200,000 living Alumni in the world.

Ever since its foundation, in 1870, the University has been the source of many discoveries that have lead to positive changes in society. These include the first Antihistamine, Oral Polio Vaccine, the Golden Gate Bridge design and others. The Cincinnati University continues to gain national and international acclaim for outstanding academic programs, world-wide and highly regarded faculty and international cooperative partnerships.

Students are offered Non Degree and Continuing Education, non-credit courses and programs. Facilities are also provided for Distance Learning as well as for wide range of certificates, comprehensive online or outside classroom courses, including Undergraduate, Graduate and University Honors programs.

Within the University, there are 16 separate colleges that offer over 150 Bachelor degrees. Students have a wide range of diverse educational programs to choose from, including music, art, engineering, medicine, natural sciences and many others, with all the benefits of online convenience and support.

The programs for degrees at the University of Cincinnati are developed and administered by faculty and staff members of the colleges, incorporated within the University. Once accepted into the University, you are to become a member of the college of your Major. It is an effective and progressive system, due to the fact that while the University will provide you with a depth of services and activities, your college will give you intellectual opportunities, which apply to your specific interests!