University of Nebraska at Kearney Online

University of Nebraska at Kearney Online

University of Nebraska at Kearney Online

The University of Nebraska at Kearny has over 30 graduate programs, more than 150 undergraduate programs and 20 or more pre-professional programs for students to choose from, and the list is constantly growing. One of the best things about the University is they tell students what fields they can get into with the programs they offer. This is good for students who have the urge to go to college but don't know exactly what they want to do or what type of career they'd like to pursue.

Aside from what is often termed the ""usual"" programs, like Psychology, Nursing and Biology, UNK also offers majors in Broadcasting, Communication Disorders, Recreation and Park Management, and Sports Administration and Traveling and Tourism.

The college offers a free career assessment test to help students decide if they're suited for the career they've chosen. The Academic and Career Services department also hosts Career Fairs that hosts more than 200 employers. They assist students in any way they can by preparing them for their career. This includes giving them salary information for entry-level positions in their field of choice, job shadowing, volunteering, workshops and providing informational interviews.

The university also offers participates in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program. This allows students to study abroad across the continent, most of the time at the exact same rate as the college's normal tuition rates. This gives students a chance to be exposed to other cultures and diversify their own lives for one semester out of every year.

UNK is also known for its distance learning programs. The exact same programs you find out their campus can be found online. The rates are affordable, and the college provides cost-per-credit hour information up front. They even give you access to any additional fees, instead of hiding them in the fine print. While there is an additional fee for online distance learning, the total cost-per-credit hour is still relatively low compared to other universities in the nation. In fact, UNK has some of the lowest college tuition rates in the country.

The distance learning program has students in domestic and foreign countries. UNK emphasizes a quality educational experience no matter how you choose to take your classes. They have 24-hour support for online students in addition to the information initially provided when someone enrolls in online classes.