Woodbury Institute of Champlain College Online

Woodbury Institute of Champlain College Online

Woodbury Institute of Champlain College Online

The Woodbury Institute of Champlain College offers true diversity in a university setting. The staff on campus are dedicated to helping students obtain their college education in the most adequate way possible. Champlain College makes sure that all of its information in every course is relevant and up to date. Students will obtain professional knowledge they'll be able to use and apply directly to their field. They also encourage volunteering, and have programs for mentoring children, making soup for the Salvation Army, and fundraiser events for recent natural disasters.

WICC offers modern, up to date courses that have an impact on the ever-changing environment of our present and future as the human race. Program studies include: Computer Science and Innovation with a focus on Mobile Development, Criminal Justice with a specialization in 21st Century Problems, Environmental Policy, Game Production, Game Programming, International Business, Mobile Development in Self-Designed Specialization in Business, Professional Writing, Psychology with a focus on Criminal Justice and Social Work.

The website features as much information as a potential student could ever hope for. Each category is broken down easily into subcategories to allow you to find what you're looking for. The college even gives you information on how to qualify for a free passport for overseas studies, and tells you what you need to qualify in order to study overseas. They also have information on how to apply for health insurance for students through the university. For students who are in a healthcare study program, health insurance is mandatory.

Financial aide information is available in detail as well. Each year the college lists everything that a student will be paying for, as well as the costs. They even list additional fees, and tell you what the money is used for. The student knows where their money is going before the pay for anything.

Woodbury Institute participates in several federal and state educational funding programs. They also take part in private scholarships awarded by donors or other organizations.

The online courses offered span over 30 programs, including certificates and degrees. Woodbury Institute's online educational program is nationally accredited. Some certificate programs can be completed in seven weeks; others usually take a little bit longer. There are graduate and undergraduate programs available. The tuition is significantly less expensive than staying on campus and acquiring the same type of education. With seven graduate programs available online, including a Master's in Healthcare Management, it is a good option to consider.