Online Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Distance Learning?
A: Distance learning includes classes, courses and certifications that can be taken from a remote location. Students are given the opportunity to execute course materials either from home or at designated branches of a main learning center.

Q: What types of courses are available for online learning?
A: Actually, thanks to continuously expanding online opportunities, people looking to achieve continued education can now easily and conveniently find courses for virtually any type of subject through online learning programs. This allows people to pick and choose from single, highly specific classes for hobby purposes or find completely accredited diploma programs.

Q: Are Distance Learning Programs and online learning programs accredited?
A: There are both accredited and non accredited classes available. You will need to verify whether a particular program offers accredited classes and degrees directly on their website or through their specific resources. This makes it very important to check first before you sign up.

Q: What types of universities offer online learning and distance learning classes?
A: Nowadays, it’s actually quite common for most universities to offer online learning. However, some of the universities that offer online learning only do so through an extension program and not through the main body of their educational institution. This means that you may not be able to access their full course and diploma offerings. As a solution for this potential problem you can look into universities that strictly offer online classes and online diplomas.

Q: What is Home Study Distance Learning?
A: Home study distance learning involves classes and certification courses that can be taken online from your very own home. These include both interactive online learning programs completed through blogs, forums, webinars and webcams as well as online classes and tests that can be completed according to a schedule that you create for yourself.

Q: What are the benefits of Distance Education?
A: One of the biggest benefits for anyone looking to pursue distance education is that they get to make their own schedule. Those with part time and even full time jobs are now able to take advantage of completely flexible time schedules. In addition, distance education is also very flexible in terms of what types of classes or credits you can get. This includes the ability to pursue both certifications and diplomas.

Online Learning