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Home Study Courses Provide Low-hanging Fruit for Any Adult to Succeed

Adults often look up and realize that they have not met the career goals that they wanted to meet by a certain point in their life. Rather than abandon those goals, many busy workers and professionals make the time to pursue their educations so that their careers will be more successful. Home study courses sometimes help the person to advance in their current career field, and sometimes these courses are taken in an entirely different field of study in order to pursue a new career entirely. Increasingly, home learning programs are moving online and this growing trend can be seen throughout many of today’s public schools as more and more of them continue to develop plans for integrating online programs and home study courses within their curriculum.

Since these adults are usually working full time during their education, and many are raising families at the same time, it is hard for them to attend classes at a local college or university. 57% of college students are working full time jobs. Home study courses allow them the flexibility they need to meet obligations at work and with the family while they put themselves in a better position to earn money.

Earning a living while in school can seem like a daunting task. However, through the beneficial use of the internet, not only can you study while at home but you can also work from home as well. Although there are certain risks involved with pursuing an online stream of income, by taking the necessary precautions you can be sure to protect yourself from internet work scams.

The advantages of being able to handle both of these tasks from the comfort of your home are great. However, finding a school to attend online will most likely be easier than finding employment via an internet connection. A great method to utilize when seeking an online occupation is to send your resume to brick and mortar businesses and notating that you are interested in telecommuting. It is recommended by human resource workers that you include the type of office setup, equipment and software you have to work with to let the employer know that you are outfitted with the proper accoutrements related to that specific industry. This shows that you are not only serious about working from home, but that you also understand what is required to do the job efficiently.

If you do not have experience working in an office setting or if you do not have a full home office equipped with specialized software, there are other work at home jobs available. For instance, you may be interested in writing keyword articles, taking surveys or even becoming an eBay trader. There are also online occupations like writing and self-publishing an e-book, creating novelty characters and slogans and selling them through and writing research papers to consider. By simply performing an internet search for 'work at home jobs', you will typically find that over eight hundred million results come back. Sorting through the residual websites will take time but if and when you find suitable online work, it will be worth it.

While the convenience of holding a job online while being able to take home study courses is wonderful, you must protect yourself from inherent criminal threats. In a 2010 report released by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), almost ten percent of all criminal offenses committed online was directly related to internet work scams. Backed by the FBI, the IC3 acts as a channel between law enforcement; spread over jurisdictions that normally do not coincide with one another. It is highly recommended by this agency that when participating in any type of online employment offers, you should avoid sharing personal information including social security numbers, bank account information and phone number. There must be a phone number you can call to talk with someone about the position, a physical address and a secure, confirmed way of being compensated for the work you do. They also recommend researching the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for any information on the company's history and credibility.

Once you have chosen both your source of online employment and education, balancing the two may be a bit tricky at first. Working on both projects and meeting all of your deadlines really comes down to time management. And it’s important for students to realize that just because a time-management technique works wonders for one person it does not necessarily mean that it will work for everyone else—you may need to try out a few methods first before you finally lock down on one that works consistently for you. In addition, you may also be able to find some great, free time management training offers that could be of use to you when you find yourself in need of help with balancing work and school. By learning how to effectively implement these management methods, handling a job while learning could simply be a minor matter of organization.

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