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In the unpredictable and ever-changing economical climate in which we are in, it is now more important than ever to earn a higher education. The bottom line for an employer is to hire an employee equipped with not only adequate skills, but the confidence to perform the job well. For those graduating in 2011, the job market is looking brighter according to industry experts. Both undergraduate and graduate students alike are estimated to get hired at a 19.3 percent increase from 2010 according to the latest study of the National Association of Colleges and Employers. From the same source it is suggested this increase will continue to gain momentum in years to follow.

While the economic downturn has displaced many workers, there have been signs of a strong re-growth period that suggests the reevaluation of company structuring to be paying off. With Human Resources departments looking for plump resumes teeming with accredited degrees and glowing recommendations, applying for a job without these components is not recommended. However, by utilizing the convenience of home study distance learning, it is feasible to earn your degree from an accredited institution which in turn gains you the needed resume points required for hiring.

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) in a study of age participation in the labor force, 1.3 million college-age wage earners left the job market and took shelter in post secondary institutions in order to better both their job prospects and income level. Of those, it is estimated that almost two-thirds of the students participated in home study distance learning. A substantial reason for this is cost. Individuals, institutions and organizations committed to quality online education known as the Sloan Consortium estimates the difference between a traditional and distance-earned degree to be $26,000. For those who have left the work force to return to school without a dependable source of income, this dividend could end up causing greater harm than good.

Financial aid and student loans (both federally and privately-funded) are available for online classes, as long as certain criteria is met. The federal government has several necessary conditions set in place for those seeking financial aid. You must determine whether or not you are considered dependent or independent from your parent income among other things before applying. Luckily, if you do not require for a federally-funded college loan, there are a plethora of private lending institutions with different levels of financial aid available. Another avenue of paying for home study distance learning is using a scholarship. A good place to start is searching the scholarship database found through the United States Department of Education.

As if a low-cost accredited degree that can be earned through online channels in the comfort of your own home is not alluring enough, the time element only sweetens the pot. This benefit suits everyone as home study distance learning can be found to be designed in highly-concentrated courses or in an at-your-own pace kind of learning environment. For both parties seeking to earn their degree, a beautiful aspect of online learning is the flexible scheduling it provides. Whether you have a family, a nine-to-five job or other commitments, earning a degree via home study distance learning poses no problem with flexible scheduling.

In a 2005 study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, the number one degree-granting college with the highest enrollment was the University of Phoenix's online campus. By utilizing modern technology, home study learning has made the leap from time consuming hand-written correspondences to a viable option for many students today. However, in order for your hard-earned money and work to be worth the degree you receive, the college you attend must be accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. There are certain learning regulations set in place by the government that ensures your education is up to par with industry standards. The reason for this is that when you do graduate and enter the labor market, you can actually do the job you apply for with the skills you have gained.

While studying for your degree via an internet connection has many wonderful advantages, you must be fully aware of online fraud and scams in order to protect yourself from things like identity theft. All information you request from an online institution should be completely free. You should never be asked for any kind of payment information to receive details about enrollment, available courses and the like. Be wary of universities that boast an impressive list of accreditation or high post-graduate statistics. Another sign of potential online school fraud is institutions with names that resemble well-known established universities. Never believe anything you read about a potential school until you check their "facts" with a reliable source, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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