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How to Balance Online Schoolwork and Our Outside Life

Just like with traditional school or a career, it takes organization and effort to balance work with the rest of your life. This can be even more difficult in the case of online school, as you may be in class in your living room, or not have a set time you need to devote to school if your school is especially flexible.

By using your syllabus, you can determine each week when you have to read, study, or do work for a class. You should treat that time as if you were actually at school, and dedicate a set start and stop time that you, and anyone you might live with, stick to. By creating a color-coded calendar of school time and free time, you will have a visual reminder of what you should be doing and when, as well as anyone else around who might be a distraction.

Though one of the perks of online schooling is that you can work from home, there is something to be said for having a separate workspace. If you have an office or sequestered room that you can dedicate only to schoolwork, you might be more focused and in "school mode" than if you were trying to work on the couch or at the kitchen table. If you are able, it might be beneficial to visit a library or coffee place so that you can be alone, and have fewer distractions.

Similarly, you should try to keep school out of non-school times in your schedule. Just because you can attend a class or work from home, you should try not to let your school work creep into every scrap of spare time. This effort to compartmentalize can also make the time you work more effective, as you should have fewer distractions, and you know you have to stop at the end of your allocated time. When you are done with your work, you should try to put away any materials you may have used instead of leaving them out. This will make you less likely to start working in your free time, and might keep any books or papers from becoming lost or damaged.

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