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How to Find an Online College

So you want to take that next bold step out into the world? If you're looking to make a positive, lasting impression on the world, then you're going to need a robust education. Some thoughts that might be popping into your head right now may be about how you'll afford higher education or how you'll make the time to get to campus and attend classes. But with the development of accredited online colleges, you've now got plenty of viable options for improving yourself and augmenting your personal growth. And as you know, the Internet is a busy place, so picking out the online college that's best for you can be a challenge. Here is some information on how to find an online college.

So just how do you find an online college? Start online of course. Every online school will have a wealth of information on their website, which you can find by simply searching for online schools, online universities, higher education online, online courses and other similar keywords.

However, you may want to narrow your search down, especially because some search engines display results sponsored by the website. You can visit a website like,, or the website for the Distance Learning Association affiliated with your state. They not only have inventories of legitimate online colleges, you can find reviews by teachers, students, and outside parties, as well as descriptions of the colleges and other useful tips. Helpful websites like and E-how and other informational sites will also have tips on where to look, as well as lists of great colleges.

You should also keep an ear to the ground. Many online schools have commercials, and schools you may already know about may have online school opportunities. You local community college may offer online courses, and you will have the security of knowing that the institution is accredited. Another way might be to ask your friends and acquaintances who may have completed an online degree. You would have the opportunity to not only find out where they went, but hear about their experiences to make a more informed decision.

You can also stay local. Most community colleges and junior colleges offer classes that can be completed online. While you may not be able to complete an entire Associate's Degree or Bachelor’s Degree online, you might be able to take a few classes that are of interest to you, depending on what the college has to offer.

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