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How to Get Your Distance-learning MBA

More and more candidates are turning to distance learning to help them achieve their MBAs, and as a result many of America’s top business schools have begun to alter their courses to allow at least part of the work to be undertaken online. Companies are also jumping on to the online learning bandwagon, actively encouraging staff to undergo MBA training in their spare time.

Finding an online MBA course is not easy. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Typing “online MBA courses” in to Google returns over 13 million hits. What’s not easy is finding the right MBA course for you, from the right institution. Luckily, there are a wealth of websites online to help you discover this information.

Your first priority should be to work out the type of course you want. Do you need a course that comes from a school accredited by one of the big three accreditation bodies – AMBA, EQUIS or GMAC? If so, that will massively limit your choices, so check with your employer first. Secondly, make sure that you contact any school that you are interested in to discuss their teaching methods and your requirements—remember, it is you that should be calling the shots, not the school.

Also bear in mind some schools require you to visit them in person on a semi-regular basis. If you live in Alaska, it may not be advantageous or cost-effective to gain your degree from a school in Florida. Never disregard geographical location unless you are 100% certain that you will not be required to visit the school in question. If you can afford it, make a trip to visit some of your potential schools, and talk face-to-face with course advisors and instructors.

The other important thing to assess is the course content itself. Once you are convinced that the content of the course is relevant to your experience, interests and abilities, you should have all the information you need to begin making your applications. Again, advice websites are ten-a-penny on the web, so there is plenty of reference material out there.

For the application, most universities will want a minimum of one personal essay on a subject that they will set you, as well as requesting references, an application form, and possibly even a written test before considering you for an interview. Should you be successful, they will usually offer you a place fairly quickly, from which point you can start the really hard part.

Applying for an MBA can be a long, intimidating process, but there are plenty of websites, forums, and message boards out there designed to help out, so take advantage of them and they will help make the procedure that little bit more painless.

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