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How to Write an Online Admissions Essay

If you're looking to go to the college of your dreams, then you're going to need to be able to represent yourself with ample quality. Don't just tell them you're the perfect candidate, show them why. Learn how to write an online admissions essay and leave them with no doubt in their mind that they must have you!

Admissions essays vary from school to school, prompt to prompt. Usually they are used as indicators of the student's reason for wanting to pursue a higher education, why they think they are qualified, or prior knowledge on a given relevant subject. Usually they are nothing like a school paper that should be researched beforehand, but more of an impromptu way of discovering more about the student aside from what they look like on paper via their grades and test scores.

Nevertheless, when considering how to write an online admissions essay, it is important to think about the prompt before you begin to write, develop a thesis or point you would like to make, and plan the way your essay will develop. This is especially true since you should show that you are a deep, analytical thinker who can develop a coherent argument or tell a story. Many people try to stand out in their essays, to separate themselves from the pool of applicants, but it is just as important to be yourself. If you do not usually use flashy words, don't start now. Instead, try to use your own personality, knowledge, and experience to showcase yourself. Decent writers are said to be able to show instead of simply state something; try to demonstrate your strengths anecdotally instead of simply saying that you are talented or hardworking.

Make sure you stick to the prompt, whatever it might be. Address all parts of the question, but try to be concise. A major mistake applicants make is to go over the word limit, or they address only part of the prompt. You should not go too far below the word limit either. Be sure that when you are done that you edit your work, both for content and grammatical errors. If you leave in mistakes that could have been edited out with a simple read-through, admissions readers might be lead to think that you wrote it haphazardly or that you don't care. While editing, look at your essay through the eyes of an admissions officer who might be reading it; what would you think of your essay? This might help you throw out things that don’t seem important upon taking a second look.

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