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It is a good thing that our youth is not the only chance we get to meet our educational goals. Many people begin working and raising families before they get the opportunity to finish their high school education. The fantastic part of the age of information is that we do not have to take off of work to attend classes to pursue a GED. All of the material can be studied and learned online, so you will be fully prepared when you are ready to take your test.

In order to take your GED exam you must be a non-high school graduate, age 17 or older and a citizen of the United States or Canada. One in every 20 college students has their GED certificate. About 15 million people have received their GED since it was instituted in 1942. The acronym stands for General Education Development. A new GED exam was released in 2008, the first new version of the test since 2002.

There are many different institutions online that offer training and practice for the GED exam. The classes you will be taking are math, language arts, social studies and science. You may remember language arts as English class. Many of the online classes are very inexpensive. Often the schools provide students with information about college programs if you desire to pursue additional education after receiving your GED.

Almost 18% of the US population age 16 and older have no high school diploma and are not enrolled in any form of educational program, according to the 2008 GED Testing Program Statistical Report. Only one out of every 100 of these people never attempts to take the GED exam, but the ones who do are usually successful. 73% of people who took the test in 2008 passed. 79% of these people passed the test on the first try. The average age for people taking the test is 25.

You will probably want to consider an online GED course that offers a lot of practice tests. Many students find that taking a lot of practice tests before taking the actual test helps them to remember the material better and also eases their nervousness before the test. Most of the practice tests are free to take online as many times as you wish.

You can do all of the preparation for your GED exam online, but there is no way to take the actual GED exam online. You can, however, go online to find places near you that offer the exam. Many community colleges have exam dates regularly. Some websites allow you to enter your zip code and will give you a list of all of the places in your area that offer GED exam dates.

Who is taking the GED exam? As of 2008, 58% of the people who take the test are male, and 42% are female. The ethnic diversity of people taking the exam has remained somewhat level since 2002, with 52% of the GED candidates reporting that they are white, 24% reporting that they are African American and 19% reporting Hispanic ethnicity.

Although 60% of those that took the exam in 2008 cited educational reasons, over half of them reported that they were taking the exam for personal reasons, such as being a positive role model and for personal satisfaction. Half of them were taking the test to get a better job and 7% wanted to enter the military.

In 2006, the first-ever survey of the computer familiarity of GED exam takers. The Counsel on Education is studying the feasibility of offering the GED exam only electronically sometime in the future. Before they make this transition, however, they need to know if people who take the test would be more hesitant to do so if the exam were only offered on computers and not in a written form. About 70% of survey respondents indicated that they were comfortable using a computer and 96% said they would be comfortable taking the test on a computer. Chances are good that we will soon see all of the GED testing done on computers.

When you take your GED exam, you will be given a survey. They will ask you questions about your age, race, level of education you have received and other statistical data. This data is used not only in the development of the test and study materials, but also in an attempt to better reach the general public about the opportunities available to them through GED programs.

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