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Online Home Schooling Offers Advantages over Other Home School Programs

The public schools in many areas are not able to provide children with the high quality, safe education that many parents want for their children. The systems are plagued by low funding, gang violence and drugs. Some areas do not have adequate, affordable private schools, and some families are just not able to afford the tuition. Home schooling rights are being championed for these families who want a better educational opportunity for their children.

In 2003, a little over 2% of all students in the United States were educated at home, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). And this number is on the rise. 82% of these students received all of their education at home and did not attend any other classes. 18% of students who home schooled also attended part time classes for 9 hours a week or less. Over 41% of these students were involved in some form of distance learning, and almost 20% of them were using the internet.

Most families surveyed by the NCES reported multiple reasons for home schooling their children. The most common reasons cited by those families was the environment of the schools (such as drugs and violence), the needs of their children (mental or physical abilities or the child's own wishes), flexibility over schedules and more control over the curriculum and moral or religious reasons.

Online home schooling is available to all ages from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Enrolling in a home school program has many advantages. You and your children will have instant access to all of the newest text and software available online. It is affordable, and the work can be done at your own pace.

Online home schooling saves a lot of time and energy for the home schooling parent. It is very time consuming to develop curriculum for one, two, three or more children, and each of the children have to have several classes each on their grade level. One of the wonderful things about home schooling is that parents can tailor programs for their children that are above or below normal grade levels for their age.

Research conducted by Brian Ray, President of the National Home Education Research Institute was recently published in the Journal of Academic Leadership. Among his findings, he concluded that students who were educated at home had above average academic performances when compared to students receiving their educations in public schools.

Online home schooling also provides your children with a built in social network. It is difficult to provide children who are home most of the time with adequate social outlets to meet friends and enjoy normal social activities appropriate for their ages. An online community of other home schoolers is good for the children, and is a good support group for the parents.

These online programs also offer web based information. This is far cheaper than traditional home school programs that require expensive text books, CDs or DVDs. Most online home schooling programs are quite affordable. Many parents supplement these lessons with other texts, materials or activities. If time and money is limited, the programs are designed to be a comprehensive education for each grade level.

The study by Ray found no difference between the average income of home schooling families and other families in the general population, but parents who home school tend to have attained a higher level of education than is the norm in the general population. These families are also larger than the average family, with over 68% of them having three children or more.

Most home schools will accept monthly payments for your children's tuition. Discounts are sometimes offered to families with two or more students enrolled in the school. The payments plans are usually based on a 10 month payoff. Payments usually begin in August and are paid for the school year by May of the following year. If you enroll during the school year, the payments will be prorated for the time that your children were actively enrolled in the program.

One option to consider when you enroll in any online home schooling program is to enroll for a legal defense fund for home schoolers. Many schools provide this option with your tuition payments. Public school officials and law makers occasionally challenge the legality of home schoolers or the programs they are enrolled in. While the right to home school has consistently held up in court, this added protection offers peace of mind for many parents. If your home school or your family is challenged due to educating your children outside of the public educational system, the fund will cover a lawyer and defense of your rights to home school your children.

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