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Online Schooling Can Be Molded to Fit Virtually any Personal or Professional Pursuit

There are some terms that have a very specific meaning when it comes to educations that are available online. The term online schooling is an all-inclusive catch all phrase that encompasses all of those things. Whatever type of classes or courses you are looking for – from kindergarten through graduate school – all of it is readily available online. Here are some of your options for getting an online education and some of the terms that are associated with different types of online schooling.

Online Home Schooling – The majority of respondents to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics stated that they had multiple reasons for educating their children at home. The most common reasons given were the environment of public schools (drugs, violence, etc), the needs of their children (such as mental or physical needs) and religious reasons. Just over one million American families home school their children.

Home schooling is available online and there are many schools to choose from. Some of the schools cater to specific religious belief systems and others are open to anyone who chooses to educate their children at home. Some online home schools offer participation in a legal defense program that is committed to protecting the rights of home schooling families.

Online GED Preparation: Though you cannot take your GED exam online, you can prepare for the exam, take practice exams and even find a place to take the written exam all online. The average age for people who earn their GED is 27, but some people earn it well after they pass retirement age. Over 17 million people have received their GED since it was first offered in 1943.

Online Personal Development Classes or Courses: These classes may not be in pursuit of a specific degree or certification, but they are very valuable for people who have an interest in a particular topic. These classes can be taken to advance one's career, to learn a hobby or skill or just for fun. Communication skills and life skills are the two most common types of personal development classes.

Online Certificates: People generally enter these types of programs to earn a certificate for employment purposes, but some people do it merely for the satisfaction of learning. Classes and programs to earn a certificate are offered in almost any skill or trade imaginable, from computer technologies to electronics to welding or plumbing.

Online Degree Programs: Many students who would never have the time or financial means to attend a regular college or university are able to earn their associates, bachelor's or graduate degree online. A four year bachelor's degree can be earned in 18 months online. Some of the available online degree programs are offered through colleges and universities that have campuses, and others are internet-only schools. The most popular degrees earned online are business administration and MBAs, psychology, nursing, engineering, liberal arts, education, information technologies and criminal justice.

Many of the online programs are fully accredited. It is quite possible to get a degree without ever stepping into a classroom. Students earning their degrees online can save money several ways. In addition to the more affordable classes, online students save an average of $1,100 per year on textbooks and about $1,000 per year on transportation costs. Financial aid is often available for online students, and student loans are available to most students. Sixty percent of college students are receiving some form of financial aid.

Rutgers University expects to triple their earnings from online degrees in the next 5 years, according to the New York Times. The latest research indicates that students who attain their education online actually outperformed students who attended face-to-face classroom settings. Some institutions are better than others at passing the savings associated with online learning to their students. A few schools even charge extra for online classes, so it is important to learn what the school charges for their classroom courses before determining what a fair price for the online class should be. Regardless, there certainly are enough options.

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