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Top 5 Distance Learning Myths

Nowadays, you can get a quality from virtually anywhere. You're no longer limited to the brick-and-mortar walls of traditional institutions, colleges and universities. This is all possible through online learning and distance learning. Like any educational institutions, you need to do some research to find what's best for you. Here are the top 5 distance learning myths to help you achieve a greater degree of efficiency in your search and save you some time.

1. Online and distance learning schools aren't real schools: They absolutely are! Sure, there are some "diploma mills" that churn out diplomas for the cost of admission, but many online schools are legitimately accredited institutions, or are branches of larger universities.

2. You won't learn as much via distance learning: This is not necessarily true, and the opposite is just as likely. Just like with regular schools, you get out what you put in. If you are attentive and hard working, you will clearly learn a great deal in a distance learning situation. In fact, since you are choosing when and where you do your school work, you might learn more than if you were forced to go to a large class when you were tired, sick, or disinterested.

3. Employers won't accept your distance learning diploma: Again, make sure you don't pick a school that is correctly accredited. Outside of that, employers do recognize your degree via distance learning. They might also appreciate the additional skills you developed by using technology and multimedia to learn, as well as the discipline and independence you must have as a self-guided worker.

4. Distance learning is a breeze compared to traditional schools: While this could possibly be true in some cases, in other cases the opposite is true. While the model of in-class tests, lectures and pop-quizzes sounds challenging, it can be just as challenging to be working independently. Sure, some schools might be easier or have quicker turnaround, but this is true of regular schools as well. There are a set of challenges and skills associated with each, and neither is necessarily "easier."

5. Traditional schools won't accept transfer credits from distance schools: As with your distance learning diploma, you have to be sure you have chosen a school that is accredited by a legitimate regional accreditation agency. But as long as you are not attending a "diploma mill," your transfer credits are as good as credits from any other school.

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