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Types of Degrees Available through Distance Learning

You can finish an entire degree or at least major portions of a degree entirely by distance learning. Here is a general breakdown of what degrees you can pursue by distance learning alone:

Associates of Arts: The Associates of Arts degree refers to studies in the humanities. Completed coursework for an AA is usually then transferred to a Bachelor’s Degree. An AA is usually considered to help you in the job market as it is more valuable than a high school diploma alone.

Associate in Applied Science: This degree is intended for students who do not plan to continue on to their Bachelor’s. It is important to note that the Associate in Applied Science degree cannot be applied toward a Bachelor’s degree at all schools.

Associate in Occupational Studies: This degree is intended for vocational careers only, and has no application toward further studies.

Online Certification: Completely work-field oriented, certification education is a means to prove that you have the skills required in your line of work. You don’t earn a degree by completing your certification, and are not required to have one to be enrolled. Online certification is a great for more conveniently and flexibly providing documentation that you posses certain skills.

Online Bachelor’s Degree: The Bachelor’s Degree is divided into the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. You can get these degrees online in fields like teaching, psychology, special education, government, sociology, business, computer information systems, and Web design.

Online Master’s Degree: The Master’s degree is divided similarly to the Bachelor’s degree, Master of Arts and Master of Science. While it takes an additional one, two, or three years to earn a Master’s degree, even by distance learning, you can expect to make that money back, as Master’s Degree holders typically earn more money.

Online Doctorate Degree: While you can earn a Doctorate degree via distance learning, keep in mind that many fields don’t look as highly upon the online Ph.D. at this point in time. The Professional Doctorate, for example, is much more widely accepted than the Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.

Religious Studies Degree: It is a no-brainer that getting a religious studies degree can help you advance in any religion-related field, whether it’s teaching theology at a high school or college, writing and editing for religious publications, seeking employment with a church-related nonprofit organization, or serving in some form of church ministry. But it’s also a good degree to get simply for personal growth. This degree can make you a better member of your own particular faith community, a better citizen of your country, and a better human being.

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